About Hisham Zreiq

Hisham Zreiq

Visual artist / Filmmaker

In 1968 I started my journey through life at Nazareth. I have studied computer science and I work as Software Developer, but my heart is where my art is. I started doing art using the computer in 1994 and in 1996 started exhibiting my work in galleries and museums. I went to Germany in March 2001,where I now live with my wife and son.

Artist Statment

My art is a private perspective on life, private pains and disappointments, society, Death and a philosophical look at life. I think that art is another way to communicate, to express my ideas , for me art should have a message of a sort. This is the way I saw art when I was a little boy trying to express my Ideas with simple drawings, and this is the way I see art when working on my digital art or writing poetry today. Some times I ask myself, if we can reach people through "reason"! but I think its better to get to people's hearts through emotions, through ART, and from there we might get to their reason. Or maybe use extremes in art - and that is what I usually try - in order to make people think and ponder after their emotions become tens. Then their analyses might bring with it reasoning.